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The druggist whose label had been found on the crumpled bit of paper now appeared on the stand, to make the position of my unhappy husband more critical than ever.
Andrew Kinlay, druggist, of Edinburgh, deposed as follows:
The next witness, Peter Stockdale (also a druggist of Edinburgh), followed, and said:
1) that Eustace had bought the poison; (2) that the reason which he had given to the druggists for buying the poison was not the true reason; (3) that he had had two opportunities of secretly administering the poison to his wife.
It was only to be had from the druggists as you nowadays buy an ounce of rhubarb.
One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
There's some kind of a mixture, put up by the druggists, that helps men to stop the use of tobacco," she called back from the door, "and I am going to send you some.
Any money which you may pay me will go to the druggists in Grenoble, to pay for the medicine required by the poor of the neighborhood.
Sent by his mother to a local druggist in their coastal town, Minnow unexpectedly takes a dark and wondrous journey deep into the ancient Sea Islands, seeking the grave dust of a long-dead hoodoo man to buy him a cure.
Rubber Druggist & Medical Sundries & Household Gloves World Report : This research gives market consumption / products / services for over 200 countries by 6 to 10-digit NAICS product codes by 3 time series: from 1997- 2015 and forecasts 2016- 2023 & 2023-2028.
Evans the wholesale the wholesale e druggist and manufacturing chemist was a family firm with several substantial city centre premises.
The Look after your eyes initiative received the Multidisciplinary Innovation Award at the Chemist and Druggist Awards last week (June 12).
German orientalist Ritter (1892-1971) presents an encyclopedic account of the ideas in the poetry of 13th-century Persian poet and mystic Attar, a druggist and apothecary by profession who is said to have died during the Mongol invasion of his home city Nishapur.
PHARMACY group Dixon and Hall has had recent success at the 2013 Chemist and Druggist Awards.
According to new bill, stern action would be taken against the druggist involved in preparation of fake and poor quality-medicines.