drug addiction

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I once asked a hotel owner why he tests his employees, and he said, in so many words: Everyone else is doing it, and I don't want to be the one who gets stuck with all the druggies and lowlifes who can't get a job anywhere else in town.
Ken said that, to get away from it they went for a stroll in the churchyard, only to see more druggies.
These druggies are laughing at all respectable people and it is time something positive was done.
Silla also filmed druggies injecting themselves, then emailed the evidence to police.
Justice Antonin Scalia suggests that the alternative is "a bunch of druggies who are orderly in class.
I am not justifying every addict's behaviour but believe me when I say none of us druggies or alkies woke up one morning and said: "Please God, give me a life of misery and addiction.
THE Yanks have the perfect solution to the druggies who plague their society.
Then a troublesome family moved in and by the end the druggies took it over and forced people out.
Well forget that, because just hours into their conference they decided that no-one under 16 should be able to buy a goldfish, that first-time burglars and druggies should get community service and that seven-year-olds should be forced to learn about transsexuals, sexually-transmitted diseases, gay sex and contraception - all before they've learned their five-times table.
You could get them from a group of kids who were druggies and a lot of experimenting was going on,'' she said.
Now, people from all over the world come to Venice to experience its uniquely chaotic mix of musicians, vendors, druggies, preachers, weirdos and dancers, and maybe get a tattoo or a piercing while they're at it.
SNIFFER dogs are being used to weed out druggies in Scots pubs and clubs.
We also reveal how the big-time druggies held an emergency meeting this week to discuss how to get drivers back to work.
As for druggies and alcoholics, I estimate some of them are definitely pre-teen.
The Dublin joker said Helen used a classic Irish mammy tactic to try and get rid of the horny Dutch druggies.