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And Silla, who is in constant pain from arthritis and back problems, was not afraid to tackle druggies personally.
The couple's cat Dinger - druggie slang for a syringe - recently gave birth to them.
Some ``Ecstasy'' work means to consciously evoke and revive the druggie, blissed-out spirit of that 1960s experience.
Even the suicide attempt by birdbrain druggie Toni seemed strangely sanitised.
I don't know if it's mine as she was still seeing her druggie ex-lover when we had sex.
DRUGGIE Pete Doherty will miss the launch of fiancee Kate Moss's new Top Shop collection - because he's going back into rehab.
RESTAURANT diners were left horrified when a druggie ran in and tried to hack off his arm with a butter knife.
Surely if there is more than one chemist shop in a town, one should be druggie free.
Later, when Jung has a daughter by Mirtha (Penelope Cruz), his druggie wife, he tries to clean up his act, but in the end he loses the girl, too.
The cocaine-loving model and the druggie musician discovered the adrenaline fix when they visited funfair at the Isle of Wight Festival with Kate's four-year-old daughter Lila Grace.
Kate's druggie lover Pete Doherty was nowhere to be seen as the supermodel pulled on her wellies and got stuck in at her pounds 2million Oxfordshire mansion.
Stanley goes along with the idea to make a lot of money so he can win custody of his daughter, currently in the clutches of a druggie mother and porn-baron stepfather.
BEECHY Colclough, "therapist to the stars, rushed into print as Countess Spencer announced her druggie, boozy anorexia to the world; he urged us to salute her courage and told us how terribly difficult such an announcement must be for someone in the public eye.
LOOKS like druggie rocker Pete Doherty has got plastered again.
He said: "The mistake I made was, in the 1970s, I thought Keith Richards was a druggie and Rod Stewart a salacious, car-collecting girl magnet.