drug withdrawal

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the termination of drug taking

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About 75% of relapses occur during the first three months after drug withdrawal, with most of the remainder occurring during the subsequent 6 months.
Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a postnatal drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns caused primarily by in utero exposure to opioids.
On the other hand, in order to avoid the drug withdrawal reaction, withdrawal process of clozapine has to be slow which can be completed withdrew after the dosage decreased at 12.
Other studies, however, have also shown that it responds to aversive stimuli, including drug withdrawal.
But after 17 days behind bars in Macomb County, Michigan, for not paying his parking fines, the 32-year-old succumbed to a toxic combination of drug withdrawal and institutional neglect.
A number of the children they have looked after have had a specific problem, such as a disability or drug withdrawal.
However, our data suggest there was a wide variability in an infant's risk of drug withdrawal based on opioid type, dose, SSRI use, and number of cigarettes smoked per day by the mother," reported Dr.
The very next day, he was released for medical treatment related to drug withdrawal symptoms, police said.
Lawyers for Meharg pleaded that she ought to be shown leniency because of the influence of the drug withdrawal and her good progress since being imprisoned.
Perinatal drug abuse and neonatal drug withdrawal [last updated 2014].
They could be seeking pain relief or need to relieve the symptoms of drug withdrawal.
They pointed me to the scant resources available on the topic, encouraged me not to give up, and most importantly, affirmed that I wasn't losing my mind--I was experiencing rarely acknowledged but fairly typical psychiatric drug withdrawal, and I would eventually be okay.
Previous studies had shown dopamine is released during both learning and drug withdrawal.
His presentation will look at drug-induced liver injury (DILI), the primary cause for post-marketing drug withdrawal and market restriction, and explore key questions around how and why DILI is missed during clinical trials.