drug war

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conflict between law enforcement and those who deal in illegal drugs

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Whereas the Drug War of the mid-1980s focused of drug sellers and interdiction, the new Drug War of the 1990s increasingly bust casual drug use and drug possession.
This drug war has moved beyond a question of crime," says Apolinar Salcedo, the mayor of Cali, Colombia's second largest city and the scene of much of the killing.
The federal government mugs the taxpayer to support its $50 million-a-day drug war habit, and like a typical junkie in denial, always claims that things will get better - after one more fix.
In 2000 Gore and the Democrats ran to the right and thought no one would care about the millions disenfranchised by their intolerant Drug War policy.
Critics of the drug war see adolescents as naive users for whom a lack of accurate information is the greatest danger--and also as potential supporters of reform.
The futile drug war continues to escalate, with no end in sight.
The series, entitled &uot;The Endless War,&uot; is the product of three months of research by Globe staff reporters Richard Chacon and John Donnelly, who visited remote areas of Colombia that are being wracked by drug-related violence -- and which may become the scene of more intensive conflict as the US-backed drug war intensifies.
Simon's next book, The Corner (1997), was written with retired detective Edward Burns; it was the product of another year-long immersion, this time in a West Baltimore neighborhood ravaged by the drug trade and the drug war.
The leaders directed their Cabinet-level officers to establish specific goals for progress in 16 phases of the drug war by the end of the year and to map a common strategy to meet the targets.
Mike Kellerman faces Baltimore's ultimate drug war.
Sarasin testified in favor of the Drug War Bond Act, which is designed to help finance the government's war on drugs via the sale of bonds similar to those issued during World War II.
A student raised Coulter's ire by questioning her hawkish drug war stance: "How is it your business what I choose to put in my body?
boutique company whose niche is cannabinoid extract-based cosmeceutical and nutraceutical solutions through its Phytiva brand product line, is proud to be part of the strategic team for 'American Drug War 2'.
Breaking the Taboo," directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade, is designed as an in-depth look at the policies and effects of the drug war.