drug war

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conflict between law enforcement and those who deal in illegal drugs

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Thus, he asked families of drug war victims and surrenderers to 'just move because there is no forever.
Antonio Trillanes IV said the dismissal was yet 'another proof that what Duterte unleashed upon us is a fake drug war.
Well, it seems that the Duterte administration is not really serious in its drug war considering the cases against identified drug lords.
Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay said on Wednesday that Karapatan was puzzled by dela Rosa's justification before the Supreme Court (SC) that making the move to release details on the drug war would put the lives of the police officers and their families at risk.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Duterte signed an order last week reinstating the police to the drug war because there had been a "public clamour" for their return.
Our people are living in fear, among the ghosts of the drug war victims, without any semblance of justice in sight.
The pope is likely to address social issues during his visit including violence stemming from the drug war as well as migration.
The documentary film Narco Cultura follows the wildly different ways that the drug war has affected people on opposite sides of the Mexican-American border.
And Americans and Canadians talking with Mexicans quickly learned that the Mexicans blame the drug war on the American market and marijuana prohibition.
At 23, Bryan's mother recently became a drug war widow for the second time when her narcotics smuggler husband was shot in the head by a teenage hitman who strolled up to their home as he was parking outside with Bryan, his mother and baby sister in the car.
border in a region that has become one of the biggest battlegrounds in the country&'s drug war, authorities said Friday.
DRUG WAR ZONE: FRONTLINE DISPATCHES FROM THE STREETS OF EL PASO AND JUAREZ is based on access to the drug smuggling world of the border and studies the drug war through the lives of direct participants.
As American Drug War shows, these same criminals are now victims of outdated lawmaking that not only fuels a privatized prison system, but whose convictions affect a disproportionate amount of minorities.
Winning the Drug War at Home" is author and mother Kathy Pride's story of her son's seduction by the evils of marijuana and how she helped him fight and overcome the drug, and advice for other parents to overcome drug use and the addiction that inevitably follows, to help parents restore hope to their children and to mend the broken relationships that the substances create.
By demonizing physicians as drug dealers and exaggerating the health risk of pain management, the federal government has made physicians scapegoats for the failed drug war.