drug trafficking

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traffic in illegal drugs

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Under the five-year agreement, the parties will exchange information on crimes related to drugs, as well as people and organizations suspected of involvement in drug trafficking.
The ANF said that 884 cases related to drug trafficking were decided, of which 848 cases met conviction; a 96pc successful conviction rate.
The Iranian parliament speaker reiterated that the Islamic Republic has paid heavy expenses in war against drug trafficking, and said, "Iran should not pay all expenses, and other countries should also seriously consider the problems.
The Pakistani man was beheaded for drug trafficking and five Saudi nationals for homicide, the interior ministry said.
490 thousand dinars worth of ecstasy pills in addition to two cars used for drug trafficking were seized during this operation, the same source added.
The police stations constructed at Hub, Dalbandin and Gwadar would positively impact efforts by ANF to fight the scourge of drug trafficking effectively'.
In 2016, at least 16 Pakistanis were arrested on drug trafficking charges.
Any proposal to eliminate funding for programs, like the successful and vital High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), which is instrumental in aiding local enforcement to prevent drug trafficking in many communities, would effectively make our neighborhoods less safe.
Never anti-poor ang death penalty for high-level drug trafficking dahil walang drug lord na mahirap.
In addition, Senegal participates in regional conferences that address prosecuting drug trafficking cases.
Kan argues drug trafficking in the post-Cold War international system should be treated as a unique security issue having detrimental implications on the future of the nation-state and the consolidation of democracy worldwide, especially among nascent democracies in developing countries.
A senior Judiciary official says the death penalty hasn't deterred drug trafficking, which is once again on the rise.
Summary: The Army arrested a three-member drug trafficking gang in the northern city of Tripoli during raids, an Army statement said Sunday.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- Iran's police seized over one ton of various drugs from a drug trafficking gang in the capital city of Tehran Nov.
Justice Department signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation in fight against illicit drug trafficking this week.