drug trafficking

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traffic in illegal drugs

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In Azerbaijan and Bahrain 64 Pakistani prisoners are in different jails in offence of drug trafficking, fake currency, fraud and murder.
In Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, South Africa and Russia 68 Pakistani prisoners are in jails in offence of murder, drug trafficking, theft, rape, illegal stay, forgery and others.
In Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yeman 19 Pakistani prisoners are in jails on offence of murder, drug trafficking, violation of regulations of the trade and illegal stay.
Cuba and Jamaica have signed the Operational Police and Maritime Agreement aimed at "ensuring effective cross-border efforts in combating drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime.
The data also revealed a significant decrease in operations against drug trafficking and in the amount of drugs seized by police.
The drug trafficking organization is one to the most violent gangs in the Bayamon area.
Rifi said that " based on instructions by Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, we have given orders to specialized units in our security forces to draft an overall plan to crackdown on drug trafficking.
The Intelligence Wing of the Punjab Police, meanwhile, initiated liaison with the UK and Canadian Police authorities to unearth what is being seen as an international drug trafficking network.
Summary: A British trader has been sentenced to life in prison by the Court of First Instance on Monday for drug trafficking.
Iran has summoned the Saudi charge d'affaires to "strongly protest" the execution of a number of Iranian citizens convicted in the kingdom for drug trafficking.
5 tonnes of cannabis resin (locally known as chira), as part of the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling, a customs source said on Wednesday.
Synopsis: Gallup surveys suggest illicit drug trafficking is common in communities throughout much of Latin America, including those in well-developed countries, and many residents see the problem as getting worse.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of a conference in Praia, capital of the island state of Cape Verde, Compaore said that at a time when the world is facing both a financial and food-price crisis, there were also less-publicised scourges, such as drug trafficking.
Summary: Hizbullah on Thursday strongly denied involvement in the drug trafficking and money laundering cell arrested by Colombian authorities.
THE PAPHOS court yesterday handed out a 10-year prison sentence to a man caught drug trafficking in June.