drug trafficker

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an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

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Topacio here, while not in very expressed terms, just called me a drug trafficker.
Another drug trafficker namely accused Soni has been arrested by Airport Police along with three bottles of illicit liquor.
Gunigundo noted that imprisoned drug traffickers can still go about their illegal operation by giving out instructions to people from the outside.
As Naranjo said, for a long time "authorities have been concerned" by the lack of results that they obtain from turning over their nationals to the US Justice Department, but the volley of criticism jumped in April, when it became known that drug trafficker Phanor Arizabaleta was on his way back to the country.
The paramilitary movement took shape more than three decades ago when drug traffickers, ranchers, military officers, and businessmen began forming regional private armies.
CONVICTED drug traffickers face being banned from travelling abroad under new powers which come into force this week.
Police had sent it to Tribhuvan University for examination after finding it during the raid on the suspected drug trafficker.
c While small-scale peasant coca growers bear the brunt of government repression, there are few cases of a major drug trafficker being caught.
Sources said that, Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) raided a bus stop, near Shams Abad Murree Road and arrested a drug trafficker, identified as Ali that was involved in drug supply to students of Barani University.
A police spokesman said here on Monday that SHO City Jaranwala police station conducted raids and nabbed drug traffickers Shehzad Masih, Nadeem Masih and Naveed Masih red handed while pushing narcotics.
The contraband was allegedly given to them by a drug trafficker living outside the UAE.
Meanwhile, the Drug Combating Department of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) arrested a drug trafficker of Asian nationality at the Muscat International Airport.
I became a drug trafficker," he nonchalantly told me.
A MAN found shot dead, gagged and bound in the boot of a car on the Costa del Sol might be that of a suspected British drug trafficker, the Foreign Office and Spanish police believe.
Four months after Mexico's most influential drug trafficker was reported dead after plastic surgery, Mexicans have continued to puzzle over the mysteries of his passing.