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Synonyms for drug

knock out



Synonyms for drug

a substance used in the treatment of disease

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

Synonyms for drug

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Despite challenges relating to drug stability, manufacturing and competition from other drug delivery technologies, the market is poised for significant growth in the coming years.
Specific advantages of PEG can include increased efficacy, reduced dosing frequency, reduced toxicity, increased drug stability, and enhanced drug solubility.
Robin Polt, Founder of Biousian Biosystems and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and BIO5 at the University of Arizona said, "We are very excited about the prospects for glycopeptide drugs that increase drug stability and increase penetration across the blood-brain barrier and into the central nervous system.
Higher resistance to proteolysis offers improvements in drug stability pharmacological profile and, most importantly, makes oral administration feasible, offering the potential for highly differentiated and highly compliant therapeutic products.
This investment by Unilife in its platform of wearable injectors has enabled the Company to provide customers with a broader range of product configurations utilizing a manufacturing line with key automated processes earlier than originally anticipated to support drug stability studies, feasibility programs, filling line validation, human clinical trials and human factors studies.
On the other hand, burgeoning concerns regarding needlestick safety and prevention, rising manufacturing costs and issues with drug stability are some of the challenges likely to affect the growth of the global prefilled syringes market.
STATION allows us without a doubt to improve patient safety and the overall quality of our aseptic compounding processes by guaranteeing compliance with physician's correct prescription, drug quantity, container sterility and drug stability with a 99% confidence factor.