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Synonyms for drug

knock out



Synonyms for drug

a substance used in the treatment of disease

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

Synonyms for drug

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Coordinated delivery of anticancer drug combinations incorporating molecularly targeted agents provides markedly increased plasma drug exposure, decreased toxicity and increased efficacy in preclinical tumor models
Presage partners with oncology-focused pharmaceutical companies through strategic alliances to provide previously inaccessible in vivo data to validate novel targets, promote drug candidates to the right indications, and discover effective drug combinations.
Such risks and uncertainties include, among others, the uncertainties inherent in the conduct of clinical studies, whether clinical study results for CPX-351 and other drug combinations obtained to date will be predictive of future results, and other matters that could affect the development and therapeutic potential of our drug candidates, including the ability to enter into R&D programs with other pharma partners.
In both cases, effective drug combinations were identified by combining the algorithm with biological tests.
Moderate AD: first and second-choice drug combinations of two or more of the drug classes Cholinesterase Inhibitors; NMDA Receptor Antagonist; Nootropics; Colostrinin; Vitamins and other drugs for the treatment of moderate disease.
BioMAP Combo ELECT lets developers test drug combinations in any BioMAP primary human cell assay and compare the resulting differential activity profiles of the drug combination to profiles of each single agent tested alone.
Still, initial signs indicate that unless the virus acquires resistance to the new drug combinations, infection with the AIDS virus may be on the verge of becoming a manageable disease, but one that will be far harder to manage than, say, diabetes.
SEATTLE, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Presage Biosciences, a leader in discovering effective cancer drug combinations, today announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Celgene Corporation under which Presage and Celgene will take advantage of Presage's proprietary technology platform to identify novel drug combinations for solid tumor indications.
Cylene's leadership in exploiting CK2 pathways for rational combination therapies identifies and enables numerous drug combinations for improved treatment outcomes.
Such drug combinations have helped slow the rate at which HIV-positive people develop AIDS and have reduced the number of AIDS-related deaths in the United States from 21,460 in the first half of 1996 to 12,040 in the first half of 1997, reported Kevin M.
President Clinton said he would ask Congress for $52 million more to cover prescriptions for the new drugs and drug combinations for those who cannot afford them.
The LOI covers all formulations or drug combinations where Phenylbutyrate is an active ingredient.
1 First choice drug combinations used in the treatment of mild Alzheimer's disease
Scientists believe the new drug combinations may confound HIV's ability to rapidly mutate resistant strains.
Additivity was observed with all other drug combinations tested, including atazanavir, and there was no evidence of antagonism between bevirimat and any approved drugs tested in these studies.