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BEIRUT: Scientists in Lebanon have developed a drug cocktail that they hope could cure a rare form of leukemia, in a milestone for cancer research in the region.
A CHEAP and deadly drug cocktail could increase the death toll among users in Scotland, experts have warned.
The drug cocktail was followed an hour later by angioplasty, a procedure that presses plaque obstructions against the artery wall by inflating a small balloon from a catheter.
The anti-viral drug cocktail targets two of three enzymes that HIV needs to reproduce.
THREE UCD students were rushed to hospital early yesterday morning after taking a potentially deadly drug cocktail called scuzz.
During a botched execution of inmate Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma, a mystery lethal drug cocktail was injected from veins in his groin after a phlebotomist was unable to find suitable entry in his extremities or neck.
Death penalty opponents had been watching the case closely, both because of the new drug cocktail and because some anesthesiologists said there was a danger that they would produce a condition called air hunger, in which the gasping victim is unable to absorb oxygen.
Breivik has told the court the drug cocktail allows 'the brain to absorb more oxygen and this results in better physical and mental performance'.
The availability of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) for AIDS is leading to calls for universal testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which can progress to AIDS, and for early use of this expensive drug cocktail.
2 per cent and contains six units of alcohol They faced further scorn for naming another beer Speedball after the drug cocktail which killed actors John Belushi and River Phoenix.
A new drug cocktail could cut breast cancer deaths by almost a third over five years and lead to a significant improvement in long-term survival rates, it has been claimed.
Aiding and abetting a suicide is a crime, whether it involves preparing the lethal drug cocktail, or helping a person to travel to a location where the suicide can be carried out.
Pathologist Dr James Sunter said there was little evidence that Adrian had been a heroin addict - but added his drink and drug cocktail had killed him.
Thai AIDS activists had sued to challenge the validity of a patent on the formulation of didanosine (ddI), used as a component of the lifesaving drug cocktail for people with AIDS.
River Phoenix died from a drug cocktail outside the Viper Room, a club owned by his actor pal, Johnny Depp.