drug bust

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seizure of illegal drugs by the police

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The drug bust was the fourth major cache seized by Taiwan law enforcement since late last year.
6 pound marijuana seizure was the most recent drug bust occurring at just after 8 p.
BEIRUT: Customs officials at Beirut port seized more than 3 million Captagon pills in yet another drug bust, the Finance Ministry announced Monday in a statement, adding that a suspect was also arrested.
The drug bust was "the largest one that has been foiled through the Beirut International Airport", a security source said last week on condition of anonymity.
It was the largest drug bust of the year in terms of the quantity of pills we seized and one of the most professional smuggling attempts we have seen.
Since the drug bust dubbed as Operation Georgie, two Taiwanese nationals have been arrested and charged with possession and importation of methampethamine.
police Friday in what is being described as one of the biggest drug busts ever in that town.
Last week, authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle in JD5million worth of different types of drugs through Jordan to a neighbouring country, the largest drug bust in the Kingdom's history.
Commander Andrew Stacey said: "This was our third successful drug bust in as many months but this surpasses anything we've had and anything the Navy had previously.
Afghan drugs police have uncovered 236 tonnes of hashish hidden in 6ft deep trenches in southern Afghanistan, in what they say appears to be the largest drug bust yet.
DRUG bust police recovered Ecstasy and cocaine when they targeted a house in Middlesbrough.
Federal charges can turn a small drug bust into major time served - addressing a major concern of police officers, who are often frustrated at the speed with which convicted criminals return to the street.
What's prom night without a thwarted drug bust, gay strippers, and a Russian con artist?
Perhaps, but Gildan executives did not inform investors about the drug bust.
In the article, the incident is described as "a drug bust that had gone wrong, ending in a shootout between the police and the drug suspects that left two residents dead.