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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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One of the biggest financiers of the drug barons are the private lenders who provide the finances with extremely high interest rates to drug dealers so that they can achieve their goals.
Mexican authorities are offering a reward equivalent to Dh12 million for information leading to the recapture of drug baron Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who escaped from a high-security jail near Mexico City on Saturday night.
Among them is Diego Rivas, who was shot dead in 2011 after composing a song in praise of Joaquin Shorty Guzman, Mexico's most wanted drug baron.
Drug laws have not worked for decades, but legalising drugs is not the answer as drug barons will just think of something else to flood the market with.
I personally have also taken on the drug barons who inflict so much damage on our communities.
A A The remarks was given by police superintendent, Ahmed ben Dahmane, who said that the era of drug barons is over, and the protection certain State servants and elected representatives were providing for them has ended.
And as easily as drug barons make illicit drugs, Britons are buying them.
And a major South African trade union revealed drug barons are already recruiting under-age girls to work as prostitutes during the finals.
DRUG barons are renting out Merseyside homes to launder cash from their evil trade, an MP has warned.
A giant cannabis factory run from a Birmingham terraced house by alleged Vietnamese drug barons was uncovered in a dawn police raid yesterday.
Surrounded by dozens of blood-thirsty, gun- wielding drug lords, the player will take on the role of Victor Corbet, a special DEA operative who must put an end to the drug barons and their narcotics cartel before they are able to further dig their vile talons into Central and South American soil.
Defence Secretary John Reid praised the work of the crews in dealing a blow to drug barons after the raid on the cargo ship in the south- west Caribbean between Jamaica and Colombia on Wednesday.
A CRIMINAL whose battered body was found behind a block of flats had been systematically tortured, then executed by drug barons.
Judge Michael O'Shea accepted Passmore was in it for financial gain, telling him: 'If you don't have couriers and don't have middle men, then you don't have drug barons.