drug baron

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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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Khatri had sued Marwa in January last for calling him a suspected drug baron during a press conference with Mombasa journalists.
Guzman's second escape from a maximum-security prison in 14 years is a huge embarrassment for President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration, which had celebrated the capture of the world's most-wanted drug baron just 17 months ago.
Most of those murdered were narcocorridos, who sing songs celebrating the lives of drug barons.
ambitious, e of a minor l up against a us drug baron e full might of PD becomes just too convoluted.
The most wanted drug baron who has earned the name 'El Chapo' because of his 5 feet 2 inches height reportedly runs shipments of tons at a time from Columbia into Mexico and on to the United States.
Cardenas is the fourth top drug baron to be killed or captured in Mexico since December last year in a string of coups for President Felipe Calderon's army-led drug war.
BEIRUT: The judicial police arrested on Tuesday one of the most notorious drug baron in Lebanon.
GOVERNMENT went to war against Latin America's drug barons in the 1980s, it couldn't have asked for better poster boys than Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega.
The novel, a gritty tale of the rise of a drug baron, generated controversy with its raw subject matter and sales skyrocketed.
Why the bank stake was transferred to the drug baron is unclear, but Kyaw Win once told close associates Myanmar's economy is in a shambles and too risky in which to do business, according to Kernsai Jaiyen, a secretary of the Shan Democratic Union.
The decision to certify Mexico came a week after its top counter-narcotics official was arrested on suspicion of ties to a Mexican drug baron, a development that raised the prospect that sensitive U.
A DRUG baron who boobed by buying his moll bigger assets is doing time after being shopped by eagleeyed neighbours.
Summary: Lebanese soldiers on Friday killed a drug baron after he refused to stop at an army checkpoint in the eastern Bekaa Valley, the military said in a statement.
He discovers that Justin likedloud tunes and quiet women and was chummy with an evil drug baron (Tim Curry).
A DRUG baron has been ordered to hand over almost pounds 1m after bringing huge quantities of heroin into the country.