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Synonyms for drug addict

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Dr Al Marzouki said: "The UAE government spends a lot of money every year on the treatment of drug addicts and other programmes to control addiction.
Add to this the statistic that the majority of drug addicts in the UAE are between the ages of 18 to 25 and law enforcement officials have a problem on their hands.
Backing the Support, Don't Punish campaign against criminalising drug use, Brand said: "If we can create a planetary context where drug addicts are treated as people with a health issue - not a judicial, criminal issue - that would create the perfect context for us to advance.
If a drug addict does not respond to treatment or is found out to be taking drugs again in the hospital, it is likely that nobody will convince him to continue with his treatment.
When recovering drug addict Robert Reilly was offered a job as a security guard at Lehigh Valley Hospital, he had to complete a form about his health, on which he denied being diagnosed with or treated for alcoholism or drug addiction.
The drug addict, who lives at Elliott House, on Bentinck Terrace, Newcastle, but was sleeping in a city centre churchyard at the time, then disappeared and spent the money on heroin.
Islamabad, July 12 (ANI): The Walled City in Islamabad - known for its rich heritage and culture - is teeming with drug addicts today, according to a new survey.
Jason Smith, defending, said drug addict Johnson of Fowler Close Edge Hill had been exploited by those he who owed pounds 1,000.
A LOAN shark who preyed on alcoholics and drug addicts by charging interest rates of eight million per cent has been jailed.
THREE drug addicts have been sentenced to six months in prison, in separate cases.
It will even get to a point where the drug addict will sacrifice his/her personal integrity, relationships with family and friends, savings, retirement pension and anything else that may be of use to get more drugs to support their habit.
One of the film's most interesting story arcs is the developing friendship between Tim, 15, an often-depressed recovering drug addict, and Jesse, 17, the great-looking popular boy whom everyone has a crush on--including Tim.
Her mother had not realized that the father was a drug addict with HIV infection.
Almost five per cent (five million) of adult population in the country is using drugs and its use is growing at an annual rate of seven per cent, while according to estimates, one out of every 10 college/university students in Pakistan is a drug addict.
Parents believe that by remaining in the company of former militants and political prisoners for a prolonged period, their drug addict sons would turn towards religion and become good citizens.
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