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Synonyms for drudge

Synonyms for drudge

one who works or toils tirelessly

to do tedious, laborious, and sometimes menial work

Synonyms for drudge

one who works hard at boring tasks

a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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However, at the end of it, all we are still getting is the run-down of various itineraries, drudgingly fawning non-analysis, self-congratulatory reports, and reliably sycophantic "experts" and parliamentarians thrown into this PR bulletin, not to mention the inappropriate use of American and corporate biased "newspeak" terminology lifted from western agencies, regardless of the negative and skewed imagery that they project.
Even so, it is debatable whether Teale intended her imaginary slant on three spinsters doing it for themselves, to be quite so drudgingly boring.
A new hero had been born and the ranks of Rangers travelling support chanted his name as he drudgingly finally made his way up the tunnel.
It is only later that we become more careful, concern ourselves solely with single details, drudgingly exchange the clear gold of perception for the banknotes of definition, gain in breadth of life what we lose in depth.
Where tile professionals and homeowners would drudgingly use screwdrivers and flimsy utility knives, they can now reach for the Corner Pro.