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in a drowsy manner


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During several days Reuben's recollection strayed drowsily among the perils and hardships through which he had passed, and he was incapable of returning definite answers to the inquiries with which many were eager to harass him.
Steals drowsily and musically Into the univeral valley.
Over and above the faces that have fallen drowsily on tables and the heels that lie prone on hard floors instead of beds, the brick and mortar physiognomy of the very court itself looks worn and jaded.
We tried to map out excursions for the morrow; we puzzled over French "guides to Paris"; we talked disjointedly in a vain endeavor to make head or tail of the wild chaos of the day's sights and experiences; we subsided to indolent smoking; we gaped and yawned and stretched--then feebly wondered if we were really and truly in renowned Paris, and drifted drowsily away into that vast mysterious void which men call sleep.
He thought drowsily of her thin face, with its delicate features, and the greenish pallor of her skin.
The gray-haired valet was sitting drowsily listening to the snoring of the prince, who was in his large study.
But there is no other doctor," said Hirst drowsily, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.
I'll soon be the only fancy-free maiden of our old quartet," thought Anne, drowsily.
Killeny Boy, you kinky-head man-eater, Killeny Boy, Killeny Boy," Dag Daughtry murmured drowsily.
I still lay immovable, with closed eyes; drowsily waiting for the next sound that might reach my ears; drowsily content with the silence, if the silence continued.
We tried to urge Felicity on, but she only repeated drowsily that she must lie down and rest.
Geoffrey roused himself, and rubbed his eyes, and said, drowsily, "All right.
She sank lower on the cushions--her eyes closed--the monotonous ticking of the clock on the mantelpiece grew drowsily fainter and fainter on her ear.
As to Nicholas, quite unconscious of the impression he had produced, he had long since fallen asleep, leaving Mr Newman Noggs and Smike to empty the spirit bottle between them; and this office they performed with such extreme good-will, that Newman was equally at a loss to determine whether he himself was quite sober, and whether he had ever seen any gentleman so heavily, drowsily, and completely intoxicated as his new acquaintance.
Yes, yes, Richard," he answered, drowsily, "I suppose I must go.