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So, am I toasting success or drowning sorrows this New Year?
A: Walking, as long as the children can be cajoled, singing with the choir Cordydd, celebrating with Cordydd or drowning sorrows with Cordydd.
Already there are reports of increased levels of depression and tension headaches, not to mention health problems associated with economising, like skipping meals, cancelling gym memberships and drowning sorrows with alcohol.
No wonder Hussain was disinclined to deck the halls with boughs of holly afterwards, although he did permit his players a celebratory drink after two months of drowning sorrows.
They can set their alarm clocks to enjoy the matches - and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or drowning sorrows by the pool.
With the human invasion from Ireland also under way, Cheltenham are providing hangover cures for those with sore heads from celebrating, or drowning sorrows.