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Synonyms for drouth

a prolonged shortage

a shortage of rainfall

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I may have chosen an unpleasant subject, but after all the drouth is most unpleasant.
Flora may bud and bloom despite the drouth,/Impelled of God, and I, despite my fate,/Believing, yet may bloom in fairer fields.
Rene continues to provide strong leadership and brings a team of highly skilled employees who are committed to ensuring the future of community by assisting them as they pursue their dreams," said Teresa Rosenberger, chair of the chamber board, in presenting the award to Drouth.
Feed thee with fever and famine and fine drouth, With perfect pangs convulse thy perfect mouth, Make thy life shudder in thee and burn afresh, And wring thy very spirit through the flesh?
Ah've got an awfy drouth - I seem to be somewhat dehydrated after all that "networking" last night.
The second sonnet, "Sonnet of August Drouth," also employs imagery that seems specifically regional, and after this poem, Warren would increasingly use regional imagery in his poetry.
Having learned something of the facts, and the drouth having been relieved, the Court re-opened in due course and the case proceeded.
In this respect, Francoise Clary, who writes an interesting essay on "the significance of the water metaphor" in Cane, might have compared her theme to what Edmund Wilson, writing on The Waste Land in The Dial only a month after the poem was publishe d, called "The Poetry of Drouth.