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17-21), and he also mocks the social behavior and cultural mannerisms of Orsic and his peers: "Thus has he, and many more of the same bevy that I know the drossy age dotes on, only go the tune of the time" (V.
For you to take a drossy product of the American consumerist landscape and transmogrify it in the way you do, WRIT LARGE, with exceptional attention to detail and the sheer physical tonnage you bestow on so many of these throwaway psychic scraps--well, what you do takes on the framework of the legendary.
Favourite targets are drossy talk-shows and dreadful daytime soap operas.
For Hunt, Keats's death provides what Hazlitt calls a "natural canonization" that "installs the poet in his immortality and lifts him to the skies" while "the drossy particles fall off .
Hamlet (and through him, Shakespeare) implies that such adult babes are common in Denmark: "Thus has [Osric]--and many more of the same bevy that I know the drossy age dotes on--only got the tune of the time and, out of an habit of encounter, a kind of yeasty collection, which carries them through and through the most fanned and winnowed opinions; and do but blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out" (5.