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I liked Mr Dropsy & the BellBoy and wished that the show could be repeated over and over again.
4) However, transferring opposition to these previous vaccines to the significantly different modern vaccines, or opposing vaccination as a homogenous entity rather than assessing vaccines individually, is analogous to opposing all herbal medicines because Withering's original recommendations of Digitalis extract in dropsy were so unpredictably risky (though also undoubtedly effective, so much so that standardised alternatives are still used in conventional medicine).
Hippocrates found that leaves from the willow plant could reduce headache and muscle pain, which led to the discovery of aspirin, quinine to treat malaria came from the bark of the cinchona tree, and a tea brewed from the fox glove plant relieved dropsy because it contained digitalis.
Deformed into a shape like that of a lute by his dropsy, he has become a satiric representation of harmony perverted and disturbed.
There were also performances of a play, Dr Bullein And The Government Of Health, which told the story of how Dr Williem Bullein used herbs to cure Lady Agnes Hilton of dropsy and write the first self-help book in English in 1558.
On the eve of La 628's publication, Honore de Balzac had been dead (of hypertension, dropsy, and gangrene) for fifty-seven years, and his wife, Ewelina de Balzac (nee Hanska) for twenty-five.
212) In a dropsy case, police claim that suspects in possession of drugs or guns "drop" the contraband before any Fourth Amendment seizure takes place.
Apart from the value of its water-content, watermelons have medicinal value with a strong diuretic effect, and are useful in cases of dropsy.
Correlation of DNA damage in epidemic dropsy patients to carcinogenic potential of argemone oil and isolated sanguinarine alkaloid in mice.
She did not work outside the home, but twice a year she ventured into the nearby forest to scavenge ingredients for her dropsy cure and Christmas fruitcakes.
Four hundred and fifty years ago Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus von Honenheim reported on the use of magnetic iron rodlets which, when adequately placed, 'Heal fractures and ruptures, pull hepatitis out and draw back dropsy, also healing fistulae, cancer, and blood flows of women'.
Dropsy (1996) contends that a possible reason for the failure to find evidence of PPP is the presence of structural breaks.
In the eighteenth century William Withering, an English botanist, chemist and physician, learned of an old woman in Shropshire who was using a polyherbal formulation to treat congestive heart failure, then known as dropsy.
He died in 1688 after being diagnosed with dropsy, but now in his 50s, he had spent a lot of time in London while tuberculosis was rampant.
Albuminuria has been known to physicians since the 1800s, most notably through Richard Bright's observations on dropsy, an ancient term referring to generalized edema that we now know may arise from heart failure, liver disease, or the nephrotic syndrome.