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pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time


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The whisky water droppers are just one of the innovative range of glassware gifts handmade by Angels' Share Glass and led by its signature product - unique angels filled with whisky.
s (ADI) Swan-Matic Division is featuring a new product, a dropper insert press, “Bopper.
Another victim of the medicine droppers, woman 63, spent several days in intensive care unitof the local hospital and is now translated into therapy unit.
However, in this case the shape's not quite right and I think what we're dealing with here is actually an item for the scholar's table called a water dropper.
CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL DROPPER The Chewing Gum Action Group interviewed more than 1,000 gum droppers to find out why they don't bin their gum.
But, in the absence of a hatch and surface activity, a dead-drifted nymph and dropper are deadly.
Although fly fishing was slow anglers opting for an intermediate line with a combination of a Kate McLaren on the dropper and a Consett Budgie on the point enjoyed good sport.
Sixty-four pieces ranging from large plates, large vases, teapots, yunomi, tea bowls, lidded pots and water droppers, were executed in varying techniques such as slipware, salt-glaze, inlaid decoration and overglaze enamels.
Gum droppers could be hit by a pounds 75 fixed penalty by litter wardens.
Coun Mahboob Hussain, Sandwell Council's cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said fly-tippers and litter droppers were the target in the Windmill Lane area of Cape Hill.
This water-based release agent is said to produce superior release for such products as eye droppers and blood vial stoppers made from bromo and chlorobutyl elastomers.
Here are a few of the artist's favorite things (some visible in this show, some not): tongues (which may morph suddenly into snakes or penises or long, bloody intestines), teeth (animal and human), dentures, women's shoes, fox collars, rubber bicycle tubes, urinals, cigarette holders, cat claws, and ink-bottle droppers.
They can accommodate a variety of closures including sprayers, droppers or dispensing pumps.
There is no way on God's green earth a truck-based SUV will ever be accepted as a Saab by true Saabphiles, though there are more than a Few pretentious name droppers who will have to have it.