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Synonyms for drop


let go of








drop back or behind

drop by or in (on)


drop off: fall asleep


drop out of something

drop someone off


Synonyms for drop

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

a small amount of liquor

the act of dropping from a height


the extent or measurement downward from a surface

a downward slope or distance

to go from a more erect posture to a less erect posture

to undergo a sharp, rapid descent in value or price

to slope downward

to cease consideration or treatment of

to take or leave out

to suffer the loss of


to suddenly lose all health or strength

to fall or let fall in drops of liquid

to move downward in response to gravity


to come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

to cause to descend

drop by: to go to or seek out the company of in order to socialize

drop in: to go to or seek out the company of in order to socialize

drop off: to decline, as in value or quantity, very gradually

Synonyms for drop

a shape that is spherical and small


a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid)

a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

a steep high face of rock

a predetermined hiding place for the deposit and distribution of illicit goods (such as drugs or stolen property)

a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity

a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies

a central depository where things can be left or picked up

the act of dropping something

Related Words

go down in value

fall or descend to a lower place or level

terminate an association with

utter with seeming casualness

cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow

lose (a game)

Related Words

lower the pitch of (musical notes)


hang freely


Related Words

let or cause to fall in drops


Related Words

take (a drug, especially LSD), by mouth

Related Words

omit (a letter or syllable) in speaking or writing

Related Words

change from one level to another

Related Words

fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death

Related Words

give birth

References in periodicals archive ?
The throw from Snelling in right field arrived well ahead of Cabrera, but Mariners catcher Kenji Johjima inexplicably dropped the ball as he hurried to make the tag.
FEMA, through its misguided promotion of Operation Blessing, has dropped the ball once again.
As he was walking across he has just dropped the ball.
Connacht had gone behind after an embarrassing and record-breaking 45 seconds when centre Mark McHugh dropped the ball from the kick-off and Dragons skipper Jason Forster capitalised.
One good list NL/NL wanted to rent in order to promote the competition never materialized; the broker dropped the ball.
Because Player A dropped the ball incorrectly, according to the criteria set down in Rule 20-2, he is penalized one stroke.
5 million children dying around the world each year from easily preventable causes -- things that could be stopped at very low costs -- this is an area where the world community has really dropped the ball over the last decade.
The giant Pole dropped the ball at the feet of Gareth Southgate who prodded home to end Pool's unbeaten streak.
Moseley prop Simon Clarke rewarded North Midlands for a long period of forward pressure when he drove over from close range and he was then denied a similar score when he dropped the ball over the line.