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Synonyms for anchor

Synonyms for anchor

to make secure

Synonyms for anchor

a central cohesive source of support and stability

a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

fix firmly and stably


Related Words

secure a vessel with an anchor

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The ship later drifted 30 km to the east due to strong winds and dropped anchor about 500 meters northwest off the coast of Niijima Island.
We cautiously traversed the passage into Pelican Bay, and dropped anchor in waters the color of green gumdrops, surrounded by reflections of shoreline mangroves.
The rider dropped anchor on the 1-3 favourite but she moved effortlessly into contention when required and eased away to account for Snoqualmie Girl by two lengths.
Mercy ship Amazon Hope 2 dropped anchor in Newcastle on its way to the Amazon.
The one exception was when dropped anchor off South Queensferry.
This ship sailed into Becher's Bay and dropped anchor, and that was a gift from God,'' said Saffir, who took the photo on a foggy afternoon, which gave the ship an otherworldly appearance.
CREW members from HMS Tireless dropped anchor at Rugby town hall during a visit to the town.
At this point, Essex were still 13 runs behind, but Aftab Habib then dropped anchor, and shared a partnership of 79 in 30 overs with the defiant Flower before Habib edged a ball from Robert Croft that turned and bounced straight into the hands of Dan Cherry at short-leg.
Captain Clive Mottram, aged 54, from Southampton was in charge of the Matco Clyde which had dropped anchor 13 miles off the coast of Macduff near Aberdeen in March this year.
ON April 11, 1912, the Titanic dropped anchor off Queenstown - now Cobh, Co Cork - for its last glimpse of land before its tragic rendezvous with an iceberg in the Atlantic.
The 140,000-tonne MSC Divinia - named in honour of Italian film legend Sophia Loren - dropped anchor in the city last weekend.
Accounts collected by Gulf News yesterday from sources in the maritime industry said that the Hatem II attempted to ride out rough sea conditions overnight and dropped anchor several hundred metres from port.
The UK Border Agency's fast patrol vessel dropped anchor at Albert Dock where its commander and crew talked about their role in protecting the border from smugglers and preventing illegal immigration.
Sources said the ship MV Musen, had dropped anchor off Andaman and Nicobar coast without taking permission from Indian authorities.
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary's Mounts Bay dropped anchor in the city on Friday, opening its doors for one day only on Saturday.