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a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right

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The dropline was manipulated as a between-participant variable in the present experiment.
The movement times to complete the target acquisitions were examined using analyses of variance (ANOVAs), with dropline as an independent variable.
Except for the depth axis domain, the mean movement times for the dropline group were generally lower than those for the nondropline group, although the differences for individual domains were not statistically significant (Figure 4).
In summary, the mean movement time for the depth axis was significantly higher than that for the horizontal and vertical axes for the dropline group, but not for the nondropline group.
Significant Dropline x Target Display Dimension interactions were found for targets at all the spatial domains except the depth axis, F(1.
The cube and dropline vertical visual angle varied from 7.
The ANOVA indicated that the accuracy with which participants judged azimuth was dependent on the quadrant in which the target cube and dropline was located, F(3, 33) = 10.
In the present case, the target cube occluded the dropline when the cube was located in the third quadrant and a 75 [degrees] eyepoint elevation was used to view the scene.
This can be clearly seen in Figure lb, in which the target cube and dropline are located in the 180 [degrees] to 270 [degrees] quadrant.
Dropline will also fill in as guest VJs for SEAL TV and plan to make in-store appearances and perform acoustic sets at Wet Seal stores as they tour the United States this summer.
WHAT: Dropline will perform a live acoustic set to an audience of Wet Seal shoppers, including their hit "Fly Away from Here (Graduation Day).
The agreement expands TVC's right to carry Thomas & Betts' LRC(R) line of connectors and its Diamond-Sachs(TM) line of dropline hardware.
The company's Diamond-Sachs line includes dropline, construction and grounding hardware needed to install and maintain CATV networks.
On the second paper, they start abstracting their drawing by adding or droplines.
Styrofoam buoys with 2-4 m droplines were clipped to the backline after every third hook, and a highfiyer attached to the backline at the end of each section.