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Since droplet transmission is a form of contact transmission, some infectious agents transmitted by the droplet route also may be transmitted by the direct and indirect contact routes.
Perez, "Minimal molecular constraints for respiratory droplet transmission of an avian-human H9N2 influenza A virus.
When the genetic sequences of the mutant virus and original hybrid virus were compared, they found only two surface mutations responsible for supporting respiratory droplet transmission.
Droplet Transmission Droplets are generated from a source patient primarily during coughing, sneezing or talking and during the performance of certain procedures.
Colds are caused by cold viruses and spread by droplet transmission.
Our data show that this outbreak was caused by talking with the index case-patient at close range, which indicates droplet transmission.
They are often spread through direct contact and droplet transmission, which can occur when someone with a virus sneezes or coughs.