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a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a tiny drop

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The equilibrium tension and dilational elasticity at the droplet surface are obtained by fitting the experimental stress-strain data to Equation (1).
Resin-adhesive droplet size and size distribution is often considered a significant factor influencing the properties of wood strand-based composites.
Working in close collaboration with leading mobile operators, Droplet is the first company to combine state-of-the-art all-software Internet video and voice technologies with an industry-standard IMS framework to enable interactive mobile video services that can run on virtually any camera-enabled 2.
Fluid dynamics and transport of droplets and sprays, 2d ed.
As with the manual analysis, the droplet diameters computed by the algorithm are in units of pixels.
Meanwhile, the “sticky” superhydrophobic surfaces still resist complete wetting but remain “sticky,” meaning that a water droplet on the surface has a minimal contact area but rolls off only after a strong force is applied.
Currently the most common spray description is based on the Lagrangian discrete droplet method (DDM) (dispersed phase).
Spatial distribution of human respiratory droplet residuals and exposure risk for the co-occupant under different ventilation methods.
Sprays produced from different type of nozzles using varying parametric settings are characterized in terms of water droplet size, velocity, and mass How rate.
when set at 40 psi, would provide the best droplet sizes for accurate delivery.
The integration of Droplet technology into Vivox's already powerful platform will provide carriers with the ability to offer new mobile video features and enable users to message or call across devices, countries, social networks and operating systems without straining the resources of the mobile network or user's device.
Clayton Crowe& Martin Sommerfiled & Yutaka Tsuji, "Multiphase Flows With Droplet & Particles", CRS Press, 1998.
uk THE mixed metal feel adds to the wow factor with the deco-inspired droplet shape topped perfectly with a chrome neckline.
The Sentry 6120 droplet size monitor provides real-time, in-cab display of the droplet size produced by a sprayer.