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Synonyms for dropkick

(football) kicking (as for a field goal) in which the football is dropped and kicked as it touches the ground

make the point after a touchdown with a dropkick

drop and kick (a ball) as it touches the ground, as for a field goal

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Kelly, who prior to the Dropkick Murphys was stocking shelves at the Market Basket in Leominster, cites his father, Ed Kelly (formerly of the '70s blues band Pugsley Munion) and Uncle Spud (aka Mike Kelly), as his musical influences, as well as the Pogues, AC/DC, the Who, the Ramones, the Chieftains and Stiff Little Fingers.
The Dropkick Murphys take on a tale of the hardships and injustice faced by Irish immigrants who helped forge our nation's railroads on "The Hardest Mile.
I left Dropkicks so I could do different types of music while I'm young," he said.
The Dropkick Murphys' new album "The Meanest of Times," its first on the band's new Born & Bred record imprint and due out Tuesday, nicely illustrates how this gang of punk rockers is still true to the spirit of its blue-collar classic "Do or Die" released 10 years ago, yet not trapped in some artificial prison of youth.
I was there in Philly when the Dropkicks did a show with our team GreenBlood last October.
Underlying the whole Dropkick vision is an even deeper set of loyalties: to family, to place, and to the blue-collar working class.
DROPKICK MURPHYS Going Out In Style (Cooking Vinyl) IMAGINE The Pogues and Green Day being double-booked at the studio.
Now the sons of the Fannies are coming thick and fast such as Attic Lights, The Hazey Janes and Dropkick.
call it what you like, but THE DROPKICK MURPHYS (pictured) are the pioneers.
I will begin by hijacking the usual tactic, mentioning that singer Mike McColgan used to be the lead vocals for Dropkick Murphys.
The Pogues, the much-loved Irish outfit that added punk rock to traditional Celtic folk and set the template for such contemporary acts as Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys, was a beacon in the synth-drenched '80s music scene.
Chris Malone hit a stunning dropkick from 30 yards to seal victory.
The home side came closest on 25 minutes as a dropkick from keeper Matthew Boswell caught the wind and his opposite number Michael Stewart did well to push the ball over at the other end.
ENGLAND'S Jonny Wilkinson has given an insight into the ice-cool character which allowed him to famously dropkick his way to World Cup glory by revealing he did not make a fuss after his chauffeur-driven car ploughed into a tree.