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someone who quits school before graduation

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someone who withdraws from a social group or environment

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Pop band drop-outs Myleene Klass and Lisa Scott-Lee, freakish duo the Cheeky Girls and squeaky-voiced comic Joe Pasquale are just some of the has-beens determined to get into the jungle.
His band REM was launched on the road to fame when he and three other drop-outs from the University of Georgia played their first concert in April 1980.
A SENIOR Plaid Cymru figure who claimed Wales had become a dumping ground for England's oddballs, social misfits and drop-outs was last night sacked as chairman of his constituency committee.
TEENAGE criminals and school drop-outs in one of Coventry's deprived areas are being targeted in a government pilot scheme.
If Wimbledon is so worried about the number of drop-outs, why not a later closing date instead of over a week before it starts?
IP telephony performance problems are correlated with the network environment for faster problem resolution, so that jitter, echo or drop-outs can be quickly and easily identified and fixed as problems occur.
Mulugeta Shibeshi said that in the past school drop-outs had been observed for students had to travel long to go to school, and that the existence of educational institutions in all 13 administrative areas of the sub-zone is encouraging parents to send their children to school.
SCOTLAND striker Chris Iwelumo has moved to Premiership drop-outs Burnley.
Hull were still fired up after the break, forcing Rhinos on to the back foot and forcing them into their own half with a series of drop-outs from under their own posts.
With drop-outs galore for the friendly in Switzerland last week, he was still out in the cold with many fans questioning why.
The Government is offering pounds 30 per week grants to encourage school drop-outs to do what?
Wavertree' - totally against any sympathy for them, classing them all as scroungers and drop-outs.
Gwilym ab Ioan stood down as chairman of Plaid's Ceredigion constituency committee late on Thursday night after losing a vote of no confidence over his claim that Wales had become a dumping ground for England's oddballs, social misfits, and drop-outs.
A senior Welsh politician resigned last night after sparking outrage by claiming Wales had become a dumping ground for England's oddballs, social misfits and drop-outs.