drop-leaf table

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a table that has a drop-leaf to enlarge its surface

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The drop-leaf table was moved to the center of the room and the leaves folded up to provide more tabletop area.
In which case, how about this round drop-leaf table (right) made from solid teak and priced at pounds 219 from Garden Oasis ( 01827 706 110, www.
A collection of antiques, including a painted wood model of the old Saybrook lighthouse; a Georgian oak and elm drop-leaf table, 18th/19th century; a collection of seashells; Above, lots 162 and 163, a poster for the play As You Like It, ; a director's chair; inset Katharine Hepburn
The central focus of the house was the morning room where Lennon ate his favourite meal of egg and chips at a drop-leaf table while Mimi repaired clothes on her Singer sewing machine.
Crate & Barrel shows its white porcelain dinnerware, draped with red, yellow and blue plaid napkins, on its pine drop-leaf table.
TOP LEFT Dine in a tiny kitchen with a Norbo drop-leaf table, pounds 24.
Q I am looking for a modern drop-leaf table for my studio flat.
A circular drop-leaf table stands between the two middle row chairs, which themselves swivel to face the rear -with the table slid between them all -at dinner time.
A drop-leaf table and cupboard keeps dishes handy for guests dropping by.
I AM looking for a drop-leaf table that is compact when closed for a small kitchen.
Take your pick from some ultra-cool ideas for sun lovers including the Eckero Drop-leaf Table (was pounds 115 now pounds 92), the Vasman Chair with Armrests (was pounds 19 now pounds 15.
The piece is composed of long rectangular wood blocks in three sizes, joined along their long edges to create a form resembling a drop-leaf table with its two leaves hanging straight down at its sides.
One chain may opt for certain chairs and a round drop-leaf table in our Homecoming Collection.
She picked out a pine drop-leaf table and full-length mirror and decided to "have a think" about the lamps and clocks.