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She finds her life's love (maybe) when she falls for Nesta's drop-dead gorgeous brother.
How to pull a drop-dead gorgeous lass when you're short and ginger (in seven easy steps).
It's drop-dead gorgeous," says Panayoti Kelaidis, curator of plant collections.
However, as author Kim Erickson writes in Drop-Dead Gorgeous, "Many of the poisons that pollute our environment--from dioxin to petrochemicals--can be found in the jars and bottles that line our bathroom shelves.
The usual desert sunset, drop-dead trashy gorgeous, was busy streaking pink and red light onto the R-bar sticking up out of the ground, galvanized pipes, clumps of blackened Roman hearth brick -- another Neutra trademark.
Even without some of the more lurid aspects surrounding Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe, The Blonde Bombshell is still a tale of affairs, brawling husbands and lost millions amid the drop-dead glamour.
But I say the real reason for all the Hurley-burly is simply that she's drop-dead gorgeous.
ATLANTA -- Drop-Dead Gorgeous, a campaign of the 501-c3 organization, Meet Justice, Inc.
I saw a drop-dead gorgeous girl at a party the other night and told her she was gorgeous.
Fresh produce is the most important ingredient when you try to win a woman's heart," declared Jake Gyllenhall, the drop-dead gorgeous, loaded movie star who is, em, single.
Jude Law is drop-dead gorgeous and if I hadn't seen Michael Caine's Alfie I'd be thirsting for the remake.
Every guy wants to be invited to his bashes, and every girl wants to be with him, but he only wants drop-dead gorgeous Didi, the girlfriend of Todd, the school quarterback.
Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Protecting Yourself from the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics (Contemporary Books, $16.
With clever and brassy numbers like "Grant Avenue" and "Chop Suey" (and my fave, "I Enjoy Being a Girl," which would make a drop-dead drag anthem), I was puzzled as to why it had never been revived.