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an agreed area where military supplies are dropped to ground troops

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Weve been learning for two weeks about different drop zones and to actually see the drop zones, not on paper, but in real life, will be interesting.
The final part of the exercise involved the helicopter recovery of the ground crew from the drop zone back to Maxwell.
When we train with helicopters for drop zone recovery, it makes for easy re-deployment of our airdrops back to the base," said Chief Master Sgt.
Now I can have 25th APS personnel working other important tasks instead of driving back and forth to a drop zone.
William Watson, Supervisor of the Seattle Airports District Office, wrote that "Eugene Skydivers has not been denied access to locate and operate its business on the Airport, but rather, has been denied access to the public facilities on the airport for use as a drop zone.
He already has filed notice of his intent to sue Creswell for denying him use of the longtime drop zone.
Meanwhile, both he and Wright are wrangling with Lane County's Land Management Division over the companies' use of nearby private farmland as an alternative drop zone.
The action comes 10 days after the agency told the city to direct its airport tenants to stop using the state land just east of the airfield as a skydive drop zone.
Eugene Skydivers and Wright Brothers Skydivers have long used the vacant parcel as a drop zone under a land use permit issued to the city.
That case reversed a Tennessee airport's decision to eliminate its drop zone.