drop the ball

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commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Each year, Hizzoner chooses a guest to help drop the ball and count down the year's final minute, the New York Post reported.
First and foremost, Player A had no right merely to drop the ball out sideways, directly across from where the ball came to rest in the lateral water hazard.
They keep the ball up and play a two-touch game so if you take more than two touches or drop the ball then you sit out.
The force of the impact caused Hunter to drop the ball in the seats.
Leighton Morgan came up with the idea after watching the butter-fingered men in red constantly drop the ball in last season's 54-10 defeat by Ireland in the Six Nations.
Yet the Wizards should have taken an early lead, only for centre Shane McIntosh to drop the ball with the line at his mercy.
Ironically, most prospects or principals who refuse to hire brokers on an exclusive basis do so for fear that, once hired, the broker might drop the ball.
had recovered and organized inside the penalty box, Zinho chose to retreat and again to drop the ball back - this time to Roberto Carlos, a wide defender (#9).
An extremely important aspect of your inquiry handling program will be adequate follow-up to make sure your salesperson or agent doesn't drop the ball by failing to contact the prospect.
Most employers drop the ball when it comes to educating employees about e-mail risks, rules, and responsibilities," says Nancy Flynn, co-author of E-Mail Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for E-Mail and Digital Communication (AMACOM Books 2003) and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, www.