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a scone made by dropping a spoonful of batter on a griddle

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You can just make filled pancake-like doughnuts in a regular non-stick pan, just like drop scones.
Other than making lots of mess we have made pizza, bread and bread sticks, Rice Crispies cakes, burgers and savoury drop scones.
I'M not quite sure of the origin of drop scones, some would call them Scottish pancakes, and I suppose they are not really a scone - it is a batter fried off like a thick pancake.
It is brilliant for drop scones and toasted sandwiches.
00pm) Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall sets out to prove that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, visiting a school to demonstrate how to make pancakes and drop scones.
To that end Hugh heads into a school to teach the children how to make pancakes and drop scones.
In the book he even includes one of his wife's recipes - Fern's honeyed baked beans mustard drop scones.
The main menu is much more enticing and included several temptations, such as smoked salmon with creme fraiche and potato drop scones, local Kidderton Ash goats cheese with beetroot salad, apple puree and thyme oil.
so Old Rectory and cakes with the vicar and everyone will expect anyone with an Aga to pull out a perfect tray of delicious smelling drop scones at a moments notice and my culinary inferiority complex will just grow and grow.
Serve the drop scones with the caramelised bananas on top.
Bank holidays also provide a perfect time to tuck into a good old-fashioned cream tea and these banana drop scones are simple to make - and very tasty too.
It started with mushrooms stuffed with brie and breadcrumbs, a main course of pan fried chicken goujons in a spicy tomato sauce on a bed of rice, and finishing with drop scones with a banana and chocolate sauce for dessert.
Some of her mouth-watering recipes include Baby Chelsea Buns, Blueberry And Lime Drop Scones, Vanilla And Strawberry Millefeuilles, Lemon Drizzle Cake and a Victoria Sandwich filled with cream and strawberries.
She'd make pancakes, drop scones and scrambled eggs with melted cheese, then lick her lips as she watched me eat them.