drop out

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Synonyms for drop out

withdraw from established society, especially because of disillusion with conventional values

leave school or an educational program prematurely

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If this makes sure they don't drop out of the system it has to be good thing.
Daring also noted that first-time ninth-grade students who drop out of school but return a year later are still counted as statistics in their original class.
Rebeca Huffman, President and CEO, Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (CREO) reports that "in a school choice environment the drop out rate will be cut in half, which means returning $365 billion to Texas public education and keeping 60,000 students in school each year.
The SIA noted that approximately 50 percent of all students majoring in electrical engineering drop out of their major before completing their studies.
Studies have shown that half of those who begin an exercise program will drop out after six months.
And remember, it's not just physicians who are electing to drop out unnecessarily," said Orman.
The 12 group winners from the Europa League, and the four best-performing Champions League drop outs, are seeded.
Director Education and Literacy department Zaib-un-Nissa Mangi said that the government has already accelerated its efforts for bringing positive reforms in education sector by controlling drop outs, increasing enrollment and enhancing quality of education.
Kurt Constable CANT change Newport until the drop outs are policed.