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a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right

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distributor of pump and well products, supplies an expandable spacer that fits snugly between the drop line and the well casing that surrounds it.
It is normally located on the outside wall of the house under the drop line leading from the telephone pole, or in a utility closet or cellar outlet box where underground cables emerge.
It supports collaboration work by drag and drop line switching and the contents transferring through emails.
Second, it is a so-called relegation six-pointer - both teams are currently below the drop line.
The record signing admits they are in the thick of a relegation scrap just two points above the drop line with seven games left.
Secure the hook to the line with a Palomar knot, leaving at least a 2-foot drop line below.
marketing and distribution of the Fisherman's Friend cough drop line, a development it will announce at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace show.
Simply indicate the number of bags that you are checking and proceed to the bag drop line.
Instead, Villa are stuck in 16th place on 34 points, just two points above the drop line with seven games left.
Tenders are invited for Supply and laying/fixing of 600 meters of 2 dia overhead compressed air pipeline and 250 meters of 3/4 dia compressed air drop line for PSLV assembly, PSLV CNC, Prithvi CNC shops and extension of 40meters of 2 dia overhead pipeline from Prithvi CNC shop to Welding shop
For bait fishing: A light egg sinker with an appropriate hook for surface applications, and a trolling drop line with a high-quality single or treble hook.
The most likely scenario is a combination of fiber deployed deep into neighborhoods and copper used as the drop line over the last few hundred feet.