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Synonyms for drop down

fall or descend to a lower place or level

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Unless you drop down upon me again,' returned the persistent Flintwinch, 'and then you must expect to hear of it again.
And to set forth the valour of my own dear countrymen, I assured him, "that I had seen them blow up a hundred enemies at once in a siege, and as many in a ship, and beheld the dead bodies drop down in pieces from the clouds, to the great diversion of the spectators.
Then take aim with your gun and shoot in the middle of them; they will let the cloak fall, but one of the birds will be hit and will drop down dead.
Then you stand still and keep quiet--never ask a man to hold your head, young un--keep quiet while the guns are being put together, and then you watch the little poppy shells drop down into the tree-tops ever so far below.
I hate to see a man's arms drop down as if he was shot, before the clock's fairly struck, just as if he'd never a bit o' pride and delight in 's work.
With familiar drop down menus, MAGMASOFT[R] speeds you through set-up in minutes.
Students wishing to enroll in Web-based training should continue to use FY 2004 from the drop down menu until the new fiscal year starts; then they may use FY 2005.
If you opt for an abbreviated menu, you have two further options: Either the full menu will drop down a few seconds after the abbreviated menu opens or it will drop down only if you click on the double arrows at the bottom of the menu.
But his drop down to the Welsh Premier Division with Neath will not cost him caps following _ a promise made by Wales coach Mike Ruddock.
A WIN-AND WALES DROP DOWN RANKINGS:Wales have dropped down one place in the FIFA world rankings to 66th - despite last month's victory over Hungary.
23 of Apycom Java Menus and Buttons, a collection of configurable java applets that allows users to create cross-browser drop down menus, bars, tabs and animated buttons for a Website.
Features include additional drop down boxes for easy setup, auto log off after test completion, as well as the ability to select automatic displays of graphs, batch data or SPC charts at the end of each test.
The remainder of the building would be a "glass sleeve" that might drop down over part of the bottom floors, integrating the two parts, Childs said.
In December, it will drop down to 35 km, close enough for the craft's gamma-ray spectrometer to analyze the composition of material several centimeters beneath the surface.
Drop down boxes are provided for unit of issue, document identifier, demand code, and priority to ensure correct data.