drop curtain

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a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies

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His fascinating drop curtain is itself an interpretation of the ballet, revealing as many details of the work as does Tchaikovsky's overture, replacing the musical themes with colors and sketches of the fragile figures-to-be.
POB performed Petit's Le Rendez-Vous (1945) with a drop curtain by Pablo Picasso, at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in Washington, D.
The required material and support services can vary from an easily transportable, nomadic stand/pull-ups, through opening ceremonies with drop curtains, lighting and A/V, to complete project management of a 100 m2 stand, including innovative communication tools.
Sales & installation of custom canvas & aluminum awings, & canvas or vinyl drop curtains, & hruuicane shutters lexan, aluminum or steel.
At intermission, viewers oohed and aahed over an exhibit of original Ballets Russes drop curtains painted by Salvador Dali (who envisioned a woozy surrealist wasteland for Bacchanale) and Alexander Benois (who set Petroushka against a St.