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a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies

a large piece of cloth laid over the floor or furniture while a room is being painted

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We purchased three 10- by 20-foot one mil drop cloths on Amazon.
Students again painted the backside of the leaves and placed them onto designated plastic drop cloths for drying.
Enough light still came through the two drop cloths though, that he was able to see the sharp admonishment his Constant had for him when he looked down for one last look at its pages: "Not like this, we don't.
Floors should be covered and the edge of the drop cloths should be taped to the walls to hold them in place.
The manager pointed to the packages in the lower right corner and exclaimed, "These are the best drop cloths in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE
Actors move fluidly between the several floors of Becky and John's cottage as if crossing a single room, and pull drop cloths off other furniture pieces to shift locations.
Unlike paint projects that use drop cloths and paint trays, East River Rigging can fly paint through space using a 10,000 s/f light debris net and multiple individually flown spatter files on the project.
TAPE down red rosin paper over hard flooring, and cover carpet and furnishings with drop cloths.
Bottom and the hempen homespuns--a construction crew clad in tool-belts, shorts, t-shirts and bandanas--worked amid drop cloths, paint buckets, tool chests, and even a blaring boom-box and blue port-a-potty upstage center, preparing for the royal wedding ceremony.
Supplies carrier bags, garbage bags, woven bags, drop cloths, tarpaulins, and other bags and packaging materials.
ACC also boasts some unique folding capabilities, being able to fan-fold and then roll materials such as drop cloths and large drapes.
and you can see throughout the show a wide variety of picture supports'' - from drop cloths to windows and doors, as well as loose canvases (used as the surface of the painting) that he wrapped around frames made from wood molding bound at the corners by twine.
Some examples of articles that are subject to the broader density scale include Paper Goods, NOI and Tarpaulins, Drop Cloths, or Covers, viz.
Plastic drop cloths for painting make great emergency shelters.
I guess they're doing some remodeling, but you'd think they'd put the ladder and drop cloths away during business hours.