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Synonyms for droopy

Synonyms for droopy

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)

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HABIT: Not engaging the back Without a connection to the back and core, arms can look not only droopy but also disjointed, as if stuck onto a mannequin.
He had droopy left eye, a distinctive mark in the middle of his chin and mousy brown hair.
If your plants look droopy, you are watering too much
droopy eyes, protruding teeth, slobbering," said Dolph Pulliam, director of Drake's community outreach and development.
Similarly, Cabana, 2000, shows a poolside tryst partially visible through a droopy rosebush.
A burglar, described as "gormless-looking with droopy eyelids" , was spotted escaping from a house.
3 CLASHIN' OVER FASHION You want to wear a lab dress with spaghetti straps to the V-Day dance but Mona insists you're wearing a droopy plaid skirt and a lace-collared shirt covered with flowers.
They say the runners, with their long hair and droopy moustaches, were inspired by American athlete Steve Prefontaine, among others.
Their Short History of Italy, recycled in 1990 from a 1963 update of a World War II original, appeared in its final droopy incarnation with a cover decorated by an aerial photo of the Florentine cathedral complex, eye-catching for the warm red of the city's tile roofs and for something rather more unexpected: it was reversed.
Droopy leaves hit the outdoor fridge like hands but the pebbly green fruit sways like no fruit.
The trees played their parts to the hilt: the properly planted tree was vibrant, the "old-way" tree somewhat droopy, and the "wrong-way" tree downright wilted.
Another essential component of MesoLift(TM) is the Myofacial, which applies gentle electrical stimulation applied to the droopy facial muscles that tone and lift them up.
To hell with the weather , being pale faced and droopy.
For [2004 flick] 'King Arthur,' for a poster, they gave me these really strange droopy t*ts.
Those who followed Pricewise at Romford and Swindon already have a healthy profit in the bank, and a saver on Dynamo Droopy is suggested.