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Synonyms for droopy

Synonyms for droopy

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)

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Even their newly-revamped store in Edinburgh appears to have decided that either no one over 39 buys new clothes, or if they do, they wish to be dressed in droopy skirts in even droopier pastel colours.
Oliver alienates those around him with his intellectual affectations, but unlike "Rushmore's" ever-perky Max Fischer, he carries a droopier, less extroverted screen presence--a sensibility matched by Andrew Hewitt's moody music and Alex Turner's songs.
Some of the staging needs a rethink--I've never seen a droopier bunch of Flower Maidens--though there are a few well-engineered effects, such as the transformation from the forest to the temple in Act I.
Knightley, who played Guinevere, said her C cups were made bigger and droopier.
I also had an implant put in my natural breast to even it up with the other side I after three children, it was smaller and much droopier than my reconstructed left breast.
The survey also found birth left its mark physically, with 78% of women saying they had stretchmarks, 73% having a saggy stomach and 43% reporting droopier breasts.
Your waistline goes, your boobs get droopier and you don't bother with yourself.