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Synonyms for droopy

Synonyms for droopy

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)

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Some of the staging needs a rethink--I've never seen a droopier bunch of Flower Maidens--though there are a few well-engineered effects, such as the transformation from the forest to the temple in Act I.
Knightley, who played Guinevere, said her C cups were made bigger and droopier.
I also had an implant put in my natural breast to even it up with the other side I after three children, it was smaller and much droopier than my reconstructed left breast.
Wondering why his snowman seems a bit droopier the next morning, a little boy in "Snowmen at Night," by Caralyn Buehner, imagines the hi- jinks of snowmen after nightfall.
The survey also found birth left its mark physically, with 78% of women saying they had stretchmarks, 73% having a saggy stomach and 43% reporting droopier breasts.