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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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Dromedary fecal and serum samples used in the study were leftover specimens that had been submitted for pathogen screening (feces) or preventive health screening (serum) to Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) during January-July 2013.
Clear seropositive results included 151 dromedary serum samples obtained in 2003 (collection 4).
6%) of110 nasal swab specimens from dromedary camels with the upstream of E gene assay (cycle threshold [[C.
5% of the adult dromedary fecal samples showed evidence of DcHEV RNA.
CAMEL FACTS LIFE EXPECTANCY: Between 40 and 50 years HEIGHT: Between 6ft and 7ft SPEED: Up to 40mph in short bursts WEIGHT: Bactrian up to 160st (1,000 kg), dromedaries up to 95st (600kg) HUMPS: Dromedary camels have one hump, Bactrian camels have two humps COLLECTIVE NOUN: Train
Four travelers reported direct contact with dromedary camels, 11 consumed unpasteurized camel milk, and 4 visited a local hospital.
Apart from dromedary camels, contacts with bats could also lead to numerous issues, he said while recalling that many cases
But now the internet giant has strapped one to a ten-year-old dromedary called Raffia to capture the sands of Abu Dhabi.
Genetic analysis of samples taken from the victim and from the camel in question -- a one-humped or dromedary camel in a herd of nine owned by the patient -- suggested the virus had passed directly from the animal to the man, they concluded.
Now, researchers have discovered that dromedary camels carry live MERS viruses in their noses that can infect primate cells.
The findings, reported in middle of this week by Eurosurveillance, add more evidence of zoonotic transmission and hint that dromedary camels could be the direct reservoirs.
When, in the late 1960s, iiber-collector Peter Ludwig discovered his passion for contemporary art--at the time, mainly for US Pop art--he acquired Graves's Kenya Dromedary and Mongolian Bactrian, both 1969, for his newly established Aachen museum, Neue Galerie Sammlung Ludwig.
The new study provides the first evidence that the virus is widespread in dromedary camels (the kind with one hump) in Saudi Arabia, and has been for at least 20 years.
The team also analyzed archives of blood samples from dromedary camels -- the most common species -- taken from 1992 to 2010, and found evidence of MERS going back two decades.