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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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The One-humped Camel or Dromedary that is so familiar to us here is synonymous with the desert, with heat and sand and aridity.
A 7-year old, intact male dromedary camel in captivity in private zoo in the city of Caracas-Venezuela, had progressive right hock joint swelling and lameness for 9 months and a proliferative chronic wound granulomatous appearance unresponsive to conventional treatment FIGS.
3%) and six (4%) camels out of 150 dromedary camels from Punjab were positive for Trypanosoma evansi at parasitological and serological examination, respectively.
For those whose 2016 has them longing for years gone by, Dromedary Bar may have the perfect escape for you.
In the study conducted in an organized dromedary camel farm, an overall prevalence of ocular affections was recorded as 19.
The Camelus genus of family Camelidae have two species Camelusdromedarius, the Dromedary, single humped or the Arabian camel and the Camelusbactrianus, the Bactrian or the double humped camel.
I say 'Arabian' because by all accounts (to be discussed later) the earliest domestication of the Dromedary camel occurred on the Southern Arabian Peninsula, a point also made by the authors of the TAU report.
They keep both dromedary camels - which have one hump and come from North Africa and the Middle East - and rarer Bactrian camels, which have two humps and come from Central Asia.
This paper deals only with the one humped dromedary which is found in desert and semi desert areas of Asia and Africa.
IF you give a camel (or dromedary if we are being pedantic) a new coat, it will still have humps.
Georges Basin, the Budawangs, Bendalong, Lake Conjola, the Narawallee Inlet, Ninety-Mile Beach, Botany Bay, Burrill Lake, Long Point, Termeil, Meroo Head, Pebbly Beach, Durras, Honeysuckle Bay, Broulee, Congo Point, Meringo Lake, Coila Lake, BlackfellowAEs Point, Bumbo Creek, Brou and Tarourga Lakes, Montague Island, Wagonga Inlet, Narooma, Mystery Bay, Nargal Lake, Mount Dromedary, Bermagui, Mimosa Rocks, Picnic Point, Tanja, Bournda, Ben Boyd National Park, Mount Imlay, Merrica River, and Nadgee Nature Reserve.
Studies have linked the outbreak to dromedary camels, but the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said more scientific work was needed to understand how exactly the virus spreads.
Apart from dromedary camels, contacts with bats could also lead to numerous issues, he said while recalling that many cases