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a kind of maniraptor

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The centerpiece is a relatively recent fossil discovery, a small carnivorous dinosaur, Bambiraptor feinbergi, the best-preserved and most complete dromaeosaur yet found in North America.
Northern dromaeosaurs had taller, shorter heads with fewer, but stronger, blade-like teeth.
belonged to, the dromaeosaurs, did include some creatures as large as the raptors shown in the movie, the real
The visitor experience will include a dramatic Big Bang portrayal of the Earth's violent formation, and a heart-stopping roller coaster chase behind a pack of dromaeosaurs as they track an unsuspecting, lumbering edmontosaurus.
gonzalezorum probably couldn't have sustained powered flight, "it's not out of the realm [of possibility] that a common ancestor of Archaeopteryx and dromaeosaurs could have been a flyer," he notes.
Comparison Of The Tarsus And Pes In The Dromaeosaurs Bambiraptor And Microraptor.
Since nonflying dromaeosaurs existed before birds, Norell considers this specimen the best evidence so far that animals developed feathers to keep warm before they ever used them to fly.
The group of dinosaurs that scientists call dromaeosaurs, or raptors, lived from about 140 million years ago to 70 million years ago.
Although its anatomy is very similar to birds, Microraptor is considered a non-avian dinosaur and is placed in the group of dinosaurs called dromaeosaurs that includes Velociraptor.
Dromaeosaurs lack any obvious adaptations for dispatching their victims, so just like hawks and eagles, they probably ate their prey alive too," Fowler said.