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Synonyms for droll

Synonyms for droll

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comical in an odd or whimsical manner

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If I can stop crying for a moment,'' he replied, drolly.
So the President was rallying the troops Tuesday night--more specifically "Organizing for Action," the "outfit formerly known as his re-election campaign," as the Wall Street Journal's James Freeman drolly put it.
Tenders are invited for Supply of (1) Chain sling for rail drolly (2) High speed steel hard wire panja 8 prongs (3) High speed steel hand wire panja 8 prongs for track (4) Rail dolley chain and clamp (5) Hand operator rail carrying (6) Wheel with complete axle and bearing (7) Dip lorry wheel with axle and bearing with complete (8) Wheel with complete axle and bearing for rail dolly (9) Dip lorry wheel with axle and bearing with (10) High speed flexible stencil for L.
Or, as the captain of a charter pirate ship drolly observes, "Any man fleeing from the police with three women, two children and an orangutan is a friend of mine.
nt anti este & ks, etc) onship Tapping into the current rom-com vogue (see Celeste Jesse Forever, Ruby Sparks, the disintegrating relationship is drolly handled with a goofily idiotic Spall the highlight.
His pacing is very relaxed, drawing the reader into the story at only its key moments and drolly allowing them to play out with the decompression of a Wes Anderson film.
WHEN Samuel Johnson visited the Isle of Skye during his rain-lashed tour of the Highlands and Hebrides in 1773, the learned doctor drolly noted that "the weather is not at all pleasing".
The Descendants is drolly narrated by Matthew, who mocks the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape and shares the secrets to perfect parenting.
This is a well-observed, drolly funny and poignant film.
Rather drolly he suggested that Asda will now actually build those Living stores instead of just thinking about it very hard indeed, and will thus in all certainty overtake Tesco in the nonfood stakes in a matter of, ooh, no time at all.
The Addams Family They started out as drolly macabre New Yorker cartoons and graduated to television, the movies, and now a Broadway musical.
You can take as long as you want to formulate a caustic or droll riposte to a friend's posting, and when they reply - more caustically and drolly - you can simply log off, in enigmatic fashion.
Private Practice," a spin-off of "Grey's Anatomy," never came close to approximating that show's hit numbers, viewership levels for the quirky mystery-comedy "Pushing Daisies" ebbed after a strong initial showing and the drolly urbane melodrama "Dirty Sexy Money" fairly struggled.
Kiddies, seeing bookish mutton, drolly rollick, giggle.
IDON'T have a clue why the 'man about Mayfair', as this newspaper drolly called him, just placed a pounds 12,000 wager on Twice Over to win the 2008 Derby.