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Synonyms for droll

Synonyms for droll

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comical in an odd or whimsical manner

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and, without waiting for an answer, phrased and trilled the last of the pieces, from beginning to end, exactly as Miriam had done, making this imitation of an imitation the drollest thing conceivable.
That makes it one of the drollest triumph- of-the-little-people movies ever perpetrated.
The humour is dry and sharp, at its drollest yet most acute in the opening section where Nighy reins in his recent tendency for camp in favour of mordant self-deprecation and weary cynicism.
All that, a telegram and bouquet from Tony and Cherie, and a hilarious speech from Scots Secretary Donald Dewar in drollest Chic Murray manner.
Little did these unadventurous browsers realize they had just seen the drollest, most deliciously good good-taste exhibition of the year.
In the history of haiku, such were Basho (1644-94), and a couple of hundred years later, Shiki (1867-1902), among haiku's "Great Four," the others being Buson (1715-83), equally known as a painter, and Issa (1763-1827), perhaps Japan's drollest, most tender and loved poet.
As Touchstone, the city goldsmith, happy to marry off his flighty, social-climbing daughter, Gertrude (fine, high comedy throughout from Amanda Drew in the drollest performance I have seen for many months), Geoffrey Freshwater links the various aspects of the plot in a ripe performance and draws the play to a benign conclusion, being instrumental in averting public hangings, disgrace and all the other daunting things which befell the cheats, conmen and conniving usurers who thronged in the shadows of Jacobean London, and who are so well played here.
Master of Suspense, master showman, tireless innovator, pantheon auteur, world's drollest TV host - the accolades have been many.