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Synonyms for drollery

Synonyms for drollery

a comic incident or series of incidents

a quaint and amusing jest


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4) It is therefore probable that the anonymous English translation of the "Lost Opportunity Recovered" was written after 1661, given that this poem does not appear in the 1656 or 1661 editions of Wit and Drollery, and the first two printed copies of Cantenac's poem did not appear until 1661 and 1662 respectively.
Subtle details, such as hilarious facial expressions, demonstrate the many fluctuations of mood, and the artful whimsy is in perfect harmony with the drollery of the text.
But in its deadpan drollery, its stylized, baroque, casual, almost cartoonish violence, and the manner in which it adapts the conventions of a genre and rises above it, The Sisters Brothers just as much recalls Quentin Tarantino and the Kill Bill movies.
The wit and ebullience, with everyone kept well lubricated with his homemade Limoncello, seemed to all come together in the merging of innocently absurdist art and the drollery of life.
Barrette knows how to play an overbearing mother with humor, but it's Flood's throwaway drunken drollery as Whitney that draws the most laughs.
And if the author fails to achieve the light, sardonic touch that animates the best books in this genre, that isn't to say his novel is unreadable or utterly lacking in drollery.
But the stories are so often infused with drollery and wit that it would be a shame for any reader to pass them off as being too light or romantic.
writes, "News in the form of edgy drollery may seem a brave new thing, but it can all be traced back to one source, the man Ernest Hemingway said all of modern American literature could be traced back to: Mark Twain.
Comic sketch actor Robb Wilton (1881-1957), from Everton, had a "mastery of drollery and timing" that was a forebear for American contemporaries such as Bob Hope.
It's a pitch-perfect cast, from Salyers' unflappable Lord Loveworthy to the drollery of Weston Nathanson's butler, Fennimore.
We were invited to the party and not left off the list," she adds with her characteristic drollery, referring to the insult that triggered the evil Carabosse's revenge.
A quippy, upbeat guide to grammar and diction, Boyle and Sullivan's handbook lightens with drollery the do and don't of proper English.
Snappy dialogue, potent and at times astonishing scenarios are presented with drollery and smartness.
His attempt at drollery is intended, I suspect, to conceal a sense of error and regret, possibly guilt.
Every word counts, even when a metaphor crops up that may make the careless reader pause; that same seducer's version of events, as told to the Court, was 'a lapwing tale, peeping drollery and drooping wings of anecdote to coax prosecutor from quarry.