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Synonyms for drollery

Synonyms for drollery

a comic incident or series of incidents

a quaint and amusing jest


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IT'S TESTAMENT To T Simon Callow's delivery, that a rant about his ongoing dispute with baristas who struggle with his coffee order, is more masterclass in drollery, than mundane moan.
The three suitors chasing Katherina's sister Bianca (sweetly-danced by Yvette Knight) take drollery to new heights with some lovely trio-work where James Barton's dotty Gremio squawking his love for Bianca in a castrato falsetto steals the show, and we get Cranko's original use of horizontal hand movements and curious lifts with feet turned out which are pure Buster Keaton.
It is the comic observance without self-indulgence, the guileless playing and the directorial wit and comic drollery, that give this gentle comedy its risible effects.
As to how you get to where you get, it is quite bleak but there are moments of drollery.
Only after the second production, which was mounted sometime in June 1672, were the prologue and the epilogue to The Parson's Wedding printed as part of a pamphlet entitled the Covent Garden Drollery, or A colection [sic] of all the choice songs, poems, prologues and epilogues, (sung and spoken at courts and theatres) never in print before.
He has become our fimetarious culture's most astute observer, a supremely capable artist who, heeding modernity's accelerated call, engaged primarily in self-referential drollery.
This French text's appearance in numerous editions makes it "readily available after the early 1660's" (Quaintance 196) and thus leads to the translations we find by Behn as well as the anonymous "Lost Opportunity" piece in Wit and Drollery.
He discusses the bite of Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes and philosophic drollery, libertine wit and the Collier Stage controversy, the titans of wit, Shaftesbury and the gentility of wit, the trammels of Christian wit, and the hermeneutics of censorship and the crime of wit.
Subtle details, such as hilarious facial expressions, demonstrate the many fluctuations of mood, and the artful whimsy is in perfect harmony with the drollery of the text.
But in its deadpan drollery, its stylized, baroque, casual, almost cartoonish violence, and the manner in which it adapts the conventions of a genre and rises above it, The Sisters Brothers just as much recalls Quentin Tarantino and the Kill Bill movies.
The wit and ebullience, with everyone kept well lubricated with his homemade Limoncello, seemed to all come together in the merging of innocently absurdist art and the drollery of life.
Barrette knows how to play an overbearing mother with humor, but it's Flood's throwaway drunken drollery as Whitney that draws the most laughs.
And if the author fails to achieve the light, sardonic touch that animates the best books in this genre, that isn't to say his novel is unreadable or utterly lacking in drollery.
But the stories are so often infused with drollery and wit that it would be a shame for any reader to pass them off as being too light or romantic.
writes, "News in the form of edgy drollery may seem a brave new thing, but it can all be traced back to one source, the man Ernest Hemingway said all of modern American literature could be traced back to: Mark Twain.