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Synonyms for droll

Synonyms for droll

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comical in an odd or whimsical manner

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Kalavier E, Landman J, Chang Y, Droller MJ, Liu BC-S.
Michael Droller, who chairs the urology department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.
Jo[R]l Jean-Mairet of Ysios, Remi Droller of Kurma Life Sciences Partners and Klaus Breiner of BB Biotech Ventures will join and further strengthen the existing Supervisory Board comprising of Ashok Dhanrajgir, Bart Bergstein, David Brister and Eric Claassen.
John will serve as President and will be joined by Lloyd Droller, S.
The Board also includes two shareholder representatives, ING Belgique represented by Denis Biju-Duval and AGF Private Equity represented by Remi Droller.
Furthermore, AGF Private Equity (another core shareholder and a current Board member) has appointed Remi Droller (Partner, managing investments in Healthcare) as its permanent representative.
Butler, (3) Leonardo Trasande, (1) Richard Callan, (1) and Daniel Droller (1)
There are no widely accepted tumor markers that allow widespread screening for the early presence of bladder cancer or for the detection and monitoring of advanced metastatic disease; however, evidence suggests that such markers could impact on reducing the mortality of this disease [reviewed by Lamm (1) and Droller (2)].