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Synonyms for droll

Synonyms for droll

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comical in an odd or whimsical manner

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The primitive garb worn by this droll left all his nether man exposed to the biting blasts of the mountains.
I introduced David, who offered his hand stiffly, but Joey, instead of taking it, put out his tongue and waggled it, and this was so droll that David had again to save himself by clapping his hand over his mouth.
She showed it step by step and room by room and secret by secret, with droll, delightful, childish talk about it and with the result, in half an hour, of our becoming immense friends.
He went in quest of sympathy - in quest of that droll article that we all suppose ourselves to want when in a strait, and have agreed to call advice; and he went, besides, with vague but rather splendid expectations of relief.
In the midst of the gloom of the spiral staircase, he elbowed something which drew aside with a growl; he took it for granted that it was Quasimodo, and it struck him as so droll that he descended the remainder of the staircase holding his sides with laughter.
Norwegian cartoonist Jason follows up a decade of exceptional releases in English with If You Steal, a full-color collection of his droll and occasionally profound short comics.
According to droll narrator Warwick Davis, there are versions of the Got Talent format in "over 67 countries".
It's all stomachchurningly unpleasant but there's an undercurrent of droll humour and Pat Healy, as Craig, makes for a sympathetic lead.
A typically droll but sleazy 'Bats broadside, it doffs a hat to The Cure while banks of devilish harmonies (The Fog Chrous?
In a nutshell: Droll pop-culture satire, less persuasive romantic comedy in this tale of a has-been '80s New Wave musician trying to come up with a new hit.
Written by Plautus and translated with commentary by John Henderson (Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge, Kings College), Asinaria: The One about the Asses provides the Latin text of Plautus' ancient and humorous Roman play, an English translation that superbly captures the raunchy and droll wit of the original, and an in-depth explanatory commentary that entertains with aplomb as surely as it enlightens in a scholarly context.
Since 1997, Zaiser has been staging droll mise-en-scenes such as a rocker's trashed hotel suite or the smoking room in a private club--all mockery and pastiche, with artifice as its heart.
The first volume of Family Affairs contains a droll but ultimately bittersweet tale by Peter Moore Smith about a young boy's attempt to define his world after the loss of his mother, a wistful nostalgia trip by Donald Hall about a time when life and love were as simple as a boy's going out to breakfast with his father, and a clever entry by Mona Simpson consisting entirely of letters from a persistent parent to the admissions director of a posh elementary prep school.
Now available (Doubleday) David Rakoff, the drily droll gay essayist behind Fraud, returns with another hilarious exploration of our bizarre world,
and How To Start Your Own Country - undergraduate humour, more dull than droll.