drogue parachute

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a small parachute that pulls the main parachute from its storage pack

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a parachute used to decelerate an object that is moving rapidly

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Once Orion has made it through the atmosphere, the parachute system, with two drogue parachutes and three massive main parachutes that together cover almost an entire football field will be responsible for slowing it down to just 20 mph for a safe splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.
This 21,000-pound capsule needs only two main parachutes and one drogue parachute.
About 30 seconds into the mockup's fall, the second drogue parachute opened and slowed the mockup down enough for the three main parachutes to take over the descent.
From the moment that a pilot decides to eject, this electronic marvel (located within the ejection seat) controls drogue and parachute deployment, separation of the seat from the pilot and separation from the drogue parachute.
A drogue parachute deployment sequence was initiated, followed by deployment of the main parachute.
The second objective was to validate the drogue parachute design by testing at a high dynamic pressure that closely mimicked the environments expected for Exploration Flight Test-1.
Drogue Parachute Passes Second Key Test for the NASA Program
The pilot chute will in turn deploy the drogue parachute, which will re-orient the booster to vertical and slow it to acceptable conditions for main parachute deployment.
Because the human body is fragile when subjected to G-force stresses, the ACES II(R) has additional special features which help protect the occupant, including passive arm and leg restraints to reduce flail injuries, a survival kit, emergency oxygen for high-altitude ejections, and an enhanced drogue parachute system that stabilizes the seat and assists in deceleration.
The capsule will release a drogue parachute at approximately 105,000 feet.
ACES II uses a drogue parachute for stabilization and deceleration in a high-speed escape and for stabilization during descent from high altitudes.
During the test, Orion engineers will carry out a scenario in which one of the spacecraft's two drogue parachutes and one of its three main parachutes fail.
26, in a test that put extra stress on its drogue parachutes and simulated a failure of one of its three main parachutes.