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Synonyms for drogue

a funnel-shaped device towed as a target by an airplane

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a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

restraint consisting of a canvas covered frame that floats behind a vessel

a parachute used to decelerate an object that is moving rapidly

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En effet, les resultats preliminaires ont montre que la consommation des substances psycho-actives est une realite avec un taux de prevalence de consommation des drogues chez les etudiants de Tizi Ouzou qui est nettement superieur au taux retrouve au niveau mondial (3 a 5%) et dans l'enquete nationale en 2010 (1,15%).
On Thursday, EMD-2 successfully extended the drogue refuelling baskets from both the Centerline Drogue System, located on the belly of the fuselage, and from the Wing Aerial Refuelling Pods, located on the wing tips, for probe receiver aircraft.
Le mois de Ramadan est une occasion idoine pour celles et ceux qui s'adonnent a certaines pratiques nocives, nuisibles pour la sante, de cesser ou du moins de reduire leur consommation de tabac, mais aussi et surtout de cannabis, de drogues.
The drogue bounces around in space, so a pilot can make tiny little corrections in real time, whereas the X-47B is doing a whole bunch of computations and essentially sets up a time and space where it thinks the basket is going, and if the basket is bouncing up and down, that can be difficult," McLean said.
We are very pleased with the outcome of this first round of probe and drogue flights with the X-47B," said Pablo Gonzalez, UCAS-D program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
S'adressant a la celebration de la Journee mondiale de la lutte contre la drogue a la Salle de l'Amitie en presence du ministre d'?
He determined that it had to be jammed somewhere on the drogue arm itself, external to the aircraft.
Using it along with test configuration parachutes to get it into place for the test put more stress than ever before on the two drogue parachutes that precede the main parachutes and begin the job of slowing Orion down before it lands.
He said he was sure he would have communicated in a phone call to BA that the drogue shackle nut and bolt should not be overtightened.
Selon un rapport de la police judiciaire, 143 individus ont ete arretes pour commerce de drogue, en particulier les drogues dures, dans des operations qui ont permis la saisie de pres de 250 kg de chira (resine de cannabis), 500 grammes d'heroine, 25 grammes de cocaine et une importante quantite de comprimes psychotropes.
Top tip for this lake: the fishery supply drogues but you can use your own, which should be stored in a clearly labelled bag at the lake.
Trafic de drogues et d'armes A Matrouh, les forces de securite ont reussi a avorter une tentative de trafic d'armes, oE plus de 42 armes automatiques ont ete saisies par la police apres avoir arrete les contrebandiers.
The original plan was for Genesis to deploy a drogue parachute and then a parafoil to slow its screaming re-entry from space; helicopters flown by professional daredevils hired by NASA would have swooped in to hook the capsule and lower it gently to the ground in western Utah.
Drogue met with David Mancl, director of the state DFI's office of financial literacy.
Researchers chose to demonstrate the probe and drogue refueling method -- used by the U.