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a wheel that drives a motor vehicle (transforms torque into a tractive force)

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MEBot's development of driving wheel position selection allows the user to configure MEBot as a FWD, MWD, or RWD EPW [20].
Tractor-pulled off-road machine combinations may have driving wheels on the tractor and also on the trailer.
Work of a tractor and trailer in a cultivated soil and stubble is always affected by the slippage of a driving wheel.
The minirobot presented in figure 1 uses three geared DC motors, one for each driving wheel.
RIGHT, fire up the Quattro and enjoy a trip back to the 80s with politically incorrect cop Gene Hunt behind the driving wheel.
Essentially, it's a road legal motorbike joined with a space-frame, half-length chassis housing a single-seat open-driving cockpit with the single driving wheel at the rear and twin steering wheels at the front.
Microsoft's new Sidewinder Pro Freestyle game controller and driving wheel make for handy PC gaming peripherals, and Advanced Gravis offers terrific game pads as well as joysticks and related flying-game peripherals.
The innovative technology built into this next-generation driving wheel will simulate the feel of the road with startling realism.
Tenders are invited for Shaft For Ct Driving Wheel Of Ch Crane
Gary Wilmot makes himself comfortable behind the driving wheel as he takes over the role of Caractacus Potts from Brian Conley for the rest of the summer run in the West Midlands.
Tenders are invited for 630Mm Dia Driving Wheel Assembly For Lt Of 35/10 Ton Eot Crane No.
Tenders are invited for Reparing of driving wheel ( 104019022 )02 nos qty of ekgshovel sl no 405 at mkd ii mines of umrer area.
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